China restricted imports of foreign waste California’s largest recycling firm RePlanet closed.

On Aug. 5, RePlanet, California’s largest recycling center, announced the closure of operations, closing its 284 recycling centers with 750 jobs. But the company’s recycling station in the city is still sold with recycled material from time to time, knowing that the company was incredible when it closed.

The company’s president, the company’s president, announced that the company suspended its business because of its soaring commercial costs, the prices of recycled aluminium and PET plastics. As early as three years ago, RePlanet shut down 191 recycling centers and cut 300 people. In the past five years, more than 40 per cent of the recovery centres have been closed, resulting in only half of the canister return to the collection, according to a consumer-based survey of the state’s recycling industry. The reporter visited the recycle bin of other recovery center operators, or many people went to sell plastic bottles, iron and aluminum cans. One of the recycle bin employees in the city of St. Gbagbo said their business was becoming even more busy as the RePlanet’s recycle bin was closed.


Post time: Aug-13-2019

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